Empowering Communities, Growing Leaders

The time is now! Grassroots leaders like you are the key to neighborhoods thriving through economic downturn and climate change. We’re building on the momentum of the in-depth community workshops we facilitated in 2010, which reached over 270 participants. Participants included local government commissioners, community organizers, youth leaders, and green job trainees — we all have the potential to step up as grassroots leaders!

Building an equitable and resilient Bay Area takes a movement, and Rooted in Resilience (formerly Bay Localize) is helping to provide the training to make it happen. So far, we’ve partnered with the following organizations:

  • Urban Habitat: Provided staff training on setting climate action goals, and training on energy and water policy for the Board and Commissions program participants.
  • Solar Richmond: Provided climate justice and community resilience training-for-trainers to interns to prepare them for community outreach. See testimonial above.
  • Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ): Provided climate justice and resilience training for the SAFIRE youth program.
  • Ashland/Cherryland Gardening Network: Provided climate justice and community resilience training for grassroots network of low-income urban gardeners in public housing near Hayward.
  • West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project: Provided technical assistance in evaluating plans for electrification of the Port of Oakland to improve air quality.
  • Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organizing (CCISCO): Provided technical and policy support for new policies to create green jobs in energy efficiency.
  • Skyline High School Green Academy: Provided training on using social media for climate justice.
  • Movement Generation: Partnered on co-presenting community resilience training for Mobilization for Climate Justice West in Oakland.
  • Roots and Grooves: Rooted in Resilience’s Dave Room organized a story-telling camping trip retreat for 25 environmental leaders of color from the East Bay.

As an example of the impact of these partnerships, many of these organizations collaborated in forming the Oakland Climate Action Coalition to pass one of the strongest climate action goals of any major US industrial city. Bay Localize drafted these goals in our office, and provides ongoing policy support for the Coalition.


Community Resilience Toolkit

Rooted in Resilience also recently released our Community Resilience Toolkit, a popular online resource currently used by community leaders in 46 of the 50 states and in 16 countries to strengthen their communities in the face of worsening climate change, rising food and energy prices, and lingering economic recession. The Community Resilience Toolkit 2.0 is NOW AVAILABLE!