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Support Rooted in Resilience!
A $25 donation or more not only supports Rooted in Resilience, but also gives you a one-year subscription to the Earth Island Journal. Please help us build a more self-reliant, resilient, and equitable Bay Area, and donate today!

Get involved with our programs:

Communities for Resilience
Now is the time to step up! Grassroots leaders like you are the key to neighborhoods thriving through economic downturn and climate change. Rooted in Resilience provides tools such as the Community Resilience Toolkit, workshops, and supportive networks to make it happen. Sign up to be a Community for Resilience, and create the future you want to see!

Green Your City
How much food, water, and energy can your city provide locally, in a way that’s good for the Earth? Join a Green Your City campaign and find out. Rooted in Resilience organizes concerned residents to pass policies that bring great local food and water ideas to scale. Get involved!

Local Clean Energy
Imagine our energy coming from clean sources and providing good local jobs. Rooted in Resilience hosts the Local Clean Energy Alliance, which unifies over 70 Bay Area organizations and businesses with one message: let’s stop wasting energy, clean up our air, and put people to work! Join the Alliance today >>

Clean Energy Jobs Oakland
Join us in calling on Oakland City Council to support the development of an East Bay Community Choice energy program. Community Choice energy, provided for by AB 117 (2002), enables cities and other jurisdictions to choose where the electricity provided to their residents and businesses will come from. This means that local communities can decide to procure their electricity from renewable energy sources: either by purchasing renewable electricity on the market, or more importantly, by developing local renewable energy resources in the community. Under a Community Choice energy program, the incumbent utility company (PG&E) continues to deliver electricity and service customers. Join the campaign today

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