Put the “Community” in Community Choice Energy

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The East Bay Clean Power Alliance put the “community” in Community Choice energy as members of the Alliance and allies demanded community input and oversight in the county’s Community Choice Aggregation program. The Alliance introduced a proposal that calls for a single committee to oversee the Community Choice energy program for the county. This would be in lieu of a structure of two oversight committees with unequal power originally being pushed by county staff and Supervisors; Haggerty and Miley. The Alliance member’s proposal calls for a single committee of stakeholders working alongside technical experts. In addition, the proposal outlines that the individuals should represent the diversity of Alameda County. The Alliance goals include local benefits while reducing climate changing pollution. By providing local clean energy jobs to power our homes,…
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Resilient Responses to the Injustice of the Trayvon Martin Case & Verdict

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Rooted in Resilience (formerly Bay Localize) Reflections on What This Teaches us About Community Resilience Rooted in Resilience (formerly Bay Localize) stands in solidarity with the family of Trayvon Martin not only for the loss of their son, but in light of the racial and systemic injustice that perpetuated it. Racial justice work is community resilience work because part of building equitable and resilient communities is creating accessibility for everyone. You cannot have a resilient community if this does not exist. Everyone should have the right to fully participate in their community, feel safe doing so and not feel targeted. This means the ability to walk the streets, ride public transportation and take advantage of the climate resilience we advocate for without fear, and without being criminalized.  The tragedies of…
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