Colin Miller

Colin Miller Co-Director

Colin is the Co-Director for Rooted in Resilience co-leading organizational management and development, and managing programs of the Local Clean Energy Alliance.

Corrine L. Van Hook Co-Director

Corrine is the Co-Director for Rooted in Resilience co-leading organizational management and development. She also manages communications and outreach.

Hoi-Fei Mok Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI) Program Associate

Hoi-Fei Mok is an environmentalist, artist, and changemaker based in the Bay Area, CA. They…

Kristen Schwind

Kirsten Schwind Co-founder and Senior Strategist

Kirsten authored Bay Localize’s Community Resilience Toolkit and co-authored Tapping the Potential of Urban Rooftops, which won an award from the American Planning Association’s California Chapter.

Sylvie Heiman Outreach and Operations Coordinator

At Rooted in Resilience, Sylvie works to promote current initiatives and events through creative outreach, social media management and grassroots fundraising.

Program Partners

Al Weinrub

Al Weinrub Local Clean Energy Alliance Coordinator

Al Weinrub has served as volunteer coordinator of the Local Clean Energy Alliance since 2010,…

Jessica Tovar LCEA organizer

Jessica Tovar is a staff organizer for the Local Clean Energy Alliance (LCEA). After growing…

Steering Committee

Aaron Lehmer Co-founder & Communications/Green Your City Advisor

Aaron is an activist, writer, social entrepreneur, organizer, music addict, and lover of nature. He co-manages House Kombucha, a family-owned, local green business founded by Rana Lehmer-Chang.

Nahal Ghoghaie

Nahal has devoted 15 years to environmental advocacy and activism, starting out as a campus sustainability organizer at UT, to eventually working alongside tribal natural resource directors on climate adaptation projects in Washington State.

Rosa Esperanza González Creative Capacity Building

Rosa ​is dedicated to c​ultivating​ a thriving culture of participation in which communities work together…

Board of Advisors

Allyse Heartwell Co-founder and Local Food Systems Advisor

Allyse holds a B.A. in International Relations from Brown University, where her studies focused on…

Dan Antonioli

Dan is a green construction specialist with over twenty years of experience in general construction…

Dave Room Co-founder and Community-Centered Media Advisor

Dave Room co-founded Bay Localize, a public benefit organization that inspires and supports Bay Area…

Ingrid Severson Co-founder and Rooftop Resource Systems Advisor

Ingrid is the former organizer and project leader of Bay Localize’s Rooftop Resources Project and…

Katherine “Kat” Steele

Kat is a permaculture activist, designer, educator, and founder of the Urban Permaculture Guild in…

Kevin Bayuk

Kevin started as an artist and filmmaker, explored an eight year meander as a technology…

Leah Fessenden Urban Ag and Green Infrastructure Advisor

Leah served as a Green Your City intern and fellow for nearly two years, coordinating…

Nile Malloy Movement Building & Foundation Relations Advisor

Nile is a movement builder and organizer committed to social, economic, and ecological justice. He…