• Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI) launches Regional Resilience Leadership Academy, building the capacity of grassroots leaders and agency staff to work together on resilience policy and program with an equity focus.
  • RCI’s sign-on letter to the California Adaptation Forum results in formation of an Equity Committee and major equity goals for the second Forum in 2016, including a major emphasis on highlighting voices from frontline communities.


  • East Bay Clean Power Alliance advocates successfully for women, people of color, diversity of unions and other stakeholders included in Alameda County’s Community Choice Energy program steering committee, East Bay Community Energy (EBCE)
  • Rooted in Resilience’s (formerly Bay Localize) Resilient Communities Initiative Checklist adopted by the Oakland City Council City Council with a 6-0 vote for Priority Conservation Areas, as part of the work of the Oakland Climate Action Coalition. The victory directs more funds to underserved communities for conservation initiatives.
  • Map Your Future youth program expands to Oakland, training youth of color to advocate for their communities. Youth participants play a major role in speaking out against coal exports through the Port of Oakland.


  • East Bay Clean Power Alliance is formed.
  • Resilient Communities Intiative (RCI) receives planning grant from Kresge Foundation to map out a model for Bay Area-wide community-led resilience planning based in social equity.


  • Trained our 1000th local leader in our Community Resilience Workshops. Current total: 1,200.
  • The Rockefeller Foundation referenced Bay Localize’s climate resilience tools and trainings as a reason for selecting Oakland as a winner of their global Resilient Cities Challenge.
  • Released Mapping Our Future, a new report commissioned by Bay Area regional agencies on how community and government can work together on preparing for climate change.
  • Led twelve social justice organizations in launching the Bay Area Resilient Communities Initiative, a model of joint leadership with regional agencies to ensure social equity in climate adaptation planning.
  • Launched the Map Your Future Project to train youth and grassroots groups to advocate for climate resilience investment in low-income communities.
  • Worked with Oakland City Council member Dan Kalb to launch Local Elected Officials Against Fracking to safeguard California’s water, air, and climate against the threat of fracking the 13 billion barrels of oil in the Monterey Shale.
  • Partnered with People’s Grocery and organized volunteers to plant 1,000 seedlings and build eight sidewalk planter boxes to increase food security in a low-income neighborhood of Oakland.
  • Conducted policy briefings and made presentations for the Economic Roundtable of San Francisco, First National Adaptation Forum, Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference, Spring of Sustainability Roundatable, Sierra Club LOma Prieta Chapter, International Visitor Leadership Program, and the California Chapter of the American Planning Association.
  • Our Local Clean Energy Alliance hosted its 4th annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities conference featuring keynote speaker Tom Steyer, climate mover and shaker, and 150 other diverse clean energy advocates.
  • The Local Clean Energy Alliance played a key role in efforts to launch CleanPowerSF, San Francisco’s Community Choice energy program for building local renewable energy and providing clean jobs.
  • The Wall Street Journal referenced the Local Clean Energy Alliance’s new publication What the Heck is a REC demystifying Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to ensure clean energy really is clean.


  • Launched Community Resilience Toolkit 2.0, a series of community workshop modules for resilience organizing. Like its predecessor, the Toolkit 2.0 is used throughout the nation and in more than 30 countries.
  • Launched the Community Choice Energy Campaign in Oakland to help advance clean energy, local jobs, and climate justice through this innovative renewable energy purchasing and investment program.
  • Co-hosted Clean Power, Healthy Communities III conference, bringing over 140 policymakers, business leaders, and advocates to advance high-impact initiatives to ramp up renewable energy projects, reduce overall energy demand, and increase energy efficiency in our built environment.
  • Partnered with the Oakland Climate Action Coalition Food Justice & Land Access committee to develop a land access platform to enable residents, urban farmers, and community organizations to use open public and private parcels for food growing.


  • On 11/11/11, organized the Bay Area Convening on Resilience & Equity, with more than 15 co-sponsoring groups and over 150 participants, working together to forge a Bay Area climate strategy that works for all.
  • Partnered with and the 6 Wins Coalition on Moving Planet Bay Area, a day of mass mobilization for climate action, where we secured over 700 postcards calling on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to pass an equitable, transit-friendly One Bay Area Plan.
  • In collaboration with Acta Non Verba Youth Farm Project, Communities for a Better Environment, and dozens of friends and neighbors, doubled the size of a community garden in East Oakland serving local residents.
  • Just in time for the national emergence of the Occupy Wall Street movement, released “Who Ate the Economy?“, a colorful, thought-provoking video examining the economic and environmental crisis from the point of view of the US economy as a pizza party.
  • In partnership with the Oakland Food Policy Council and dozens of local allies, built a 35 member-strong Cross-Coalition for Urban Agriculture to advance a humane, neighbor-friendly, and ecological urban agricultural economy in Oakland.
  • In partnership with the SF Urban Ag Alliance, passed a ground-breaking ordinance allowing San Franciscans to grow and sell food in all districts throughout the city.
  • Hosted our 5-year Anniversary Gala, Roots of Resilience, where hundreds convened to celebrate Bay Localize’s accomplishments and renew their commitment to building equitable, resilient communities.
  • Partnered with Sustainable Peralta to launch a campus-wide food scrap collection and composting program at Laney College, reaching over 2,000 students, staff, and faculty.
  • Co-hosted Clean Power, Healthy Communities II conference, bringing over 150 policymakers, clean tech leaders, and advocates to launch several new campaigns for energy efficiency, total energy use reduction, and urban solar development
  • In partnership with the Oakland Climate Action Coalition, passed Oakland’s landmark Energy and Climate Action Plan, including provisions for local urban ag, energy efficiency financing, and non-displacing Transit-Oriented Development
  • Released Community Power: Decentralized Renewable Energy in California


  • Co-hosted the Clean Power, Healthy Communities conference, bringing over 150 policymakers, clean tech leaders, and advocates to launch a Bay Area alliance for clean energy jobs
  • Co-organized and facilitated a Community Resilience Workshop in San Francisco, attracting Transition and resilience leaders from throughout the Bay Area
  • Ensured Community Choice Energy, energy efficiency financing, and local food system incentives were prominent in Oakland’s draft Energy and Climate Action Plan
  • Defeated Prop 16, PG&E’s “Power Grab” ballot initiative, in collaboration with our allies
  • Joined a broad-based Bay Area delegation to participate at the US Social Forum in Detroit
  • Co-hosted Get Down and Dirty Oakland global work party at Laney College, bringing together over 350 concerned residents and students to revitalize the campus garden and highlight local climate solutions
  • Defeated Prop 23, Texas oil-funded “Dirty Energy Prop” in collaboration with Communities United to Defeat the Dirty Energy Prop


  • Launched the Community Resilience Toolkit at a major gathering for organizers in San Francisco
  • Organized Climate of Change, educating residents and activists on climate policy and localization
  • Won strong climate action goals in Oakland and Berkeley
  • Supported expansion of energy efficiency and solar financing districts in East Bay
  • Use Your Roof! Project covered in The New York Times
  • Launched Green Faith in Action project
  • Partnered with POWER and Movement Generation to build out a rooftop garden in San Francisco


  • Published 21st Century Energy Greenprint for the East Bay
  • Launched Bay Area 2020 Program
  • Published the Use Your Roof Guidebook
  • Piloted first draft of Bay Localize Community Resilience Toolkit
  • Organized Bay Area forums on local food and local clean energy policy
  • Won award from the American Planning Association, CA Chapter
  • Won award from the American Association of Landscape Architects, Northern CA Chapter


  • Published Tapping the Potential of Urban Rooftops
  • Launched two demonstration rooftop garden programs at East Oakland’s EC Reems public charter school and atop San Francisco’s Glide Memorial Church
  • Launched the Local Clean Energy Alliance of the East Bay
  • Launched the Bay Area Localization Asset Map


  • Hosted major kickoff event with over 100 participants at Laney College
  • Published white paper Building a Resilient and Equitable Bay Area in partnership with BALLE, Redefining Progress, International Forum on Globalization, and Center for Sustainable Economy
  • Received first major press coverage in San Francisco Bay Guardian
  • Launched Rooftop Resources Project (now Green Your City!)


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