Energy Democracy Hits the National Stage

The Local Clean Energy Alliance has been collaborating with other partners around the U.S. to establish a national Energy Democracy Project to popularize and build a national movement to democratize energy.

The Project made its debut with a webinar on November 12 called What is energy democracy, and why does it matter?

The webinar, part of this year’s New Economy Week, addressed the need to democratize energy in response to the deepening climate crisis–in particular the importance of decentralizing energy resources and bringing them under public or community control.

Leaders of the energy democracy movement, Denise Fairchild (Emerald Cities Collaborative), Miya Yoshitani (Asian Pacific Environmental Network), and Meghan Zaldivar, (PUSH Buffalo), offered their perspectives on how to strengthen the movement. The discussion focused on advancing community-based energy in order to build resilient communities and an equitable, regenerative economy.

For more information about energy democracy, you can check out a recording of the webinar here or view the Local Clean Energy Alliance’s five-minute video, Envisioning Energy Democracy.

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