Get Involved with the Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland Campaign!

The new year is off to a great start at the Local Clean Energy Alliance, where our Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland Campaign is in full swing!

The Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland Campaign is made up of a team of dedicated volunteers working to create genuine alternatives for Oakland and East Bay residents. Right now, we have no choice as to who controls our energy system – where it comes from, how much it costs, how it’s produced, who it benefits and who it harms. We believe that we deserve a choice. That’s why we’re working for an East Bay Community Choice energy program that’s rooted in Oakland and democratic values.

Community Choice energy would enable our community to decide where our electricity comes from. East Bay cities or counties would pool electricity customers and form a public electric power agency. This agency would act as an alternative to PG&E to:

  • Provide electricity supply
  • Provide energy efficiency services
  • Set rates and clean energy programs for customers

Meanwhile, PG&E would continue to deliver the power and provide maintenance power lines and billing.

Community Choice Energy would provide more quality local jobs, local clean energy, lower electric bills, reduced greenhouse gases, and other benefits for the community – all because the people, not PG&E, would maintain control of our energy system.

If you want to get involved in any aspect of the Campaign, contact Colin Miller at (510) 834-0420 or

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