Map Your Future with Ma’at Youth Academy

We’re excited to announce that Rooted in Resilience (formerly Bay Localize) recently tested our Map Your Future curriculum with the outstanding Ma’at Youth Academy (ages 16-21).  The curriculum was very well received by the youth, who were eager to bring their lived experience, knowledge, passion and innovative ideas to the table.

Our vision for the Map Your Future project is to make it easy for local planners and community organizations, especially youth groups, to work together to map out community resilience assets. READ MORE>>

Our test curriculum with Ma’at began with introducing the concepts of “Climate Impacts” and “Vulnerable Communities” and had youth map out relevant examples in Richmond. We then shifted to concepts of “Climate Resilience,” “Climate Action” and “Assets,” which had them identify some of the solutions to address climate impacts and vulnerabilities.  Each of the youth performed a skit on the climate solution of their choice, mapped out assets, and identified jobs that would be created as a result of investment. We wrapped things up with a letter from each youth to a decision maker about their recommendations to address climate change, how they are impacted, and how they’d like to be involved.

 “The skits helped me think critically about what needs to be done, “ expressed one of the youth.

If you work with a youth group in the Bay Area and would like to collaborate on developing and testing this program, contact

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