Guess Who’s Behind “Stop San Francisco Shell Shock”

A new web campaign is asking San Franciscans to petition the Board of Supervisors to reverse its September 2012 vote to move forward with CleanPowerSF, San Francisco’s Community Choice energy program. The deceptive campaign focuses on a relatively small contract with a Shell Oil subsidiary as if it were the entire CleanPowerSF program. The Shell contract, which is problematic, only represents an initial 30 megawatts of San Francisco’s 800 megawatt electricity load. The heart of the CleanPowerSF program is actually the development of local renewable energy resources, which will provide greenhouse gas reductions, economic development, clean energy jobs, and, ultimately, lower electricity bills (than PG&E’s) to San Francisco.

So who do you suppose is behind this campaign? PG&E, no doubt, has its hands in it, but the campaign is being fronted by IBEW 1245, the PG&E union. The union is standing up for the company while ignoring the potential of CleanPowerSF for new jobs in San Francisco—union jobs—that could benefit the entire community, including even IBEW. Go figure…

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